Can't select formula or mirrored columns as an 'item' in an automation

Hi, I’m trying to get some information to automatically carry over to a new board.

I’ve set up an automation for ‘when a column is changed’ to automatically ‘add a new item’ to a different board and carry over certain information.

However, when defining the item details I can’t select the formula column I want the information from (I created the formula column to concatenate the information from 2 other columns, date and name. I did this because the columns I originally wanted were mirrored from another board and also not selectable).

Does anyone know of a better way without having to make my staff fill in an extra column? I hoping this particular action could be fully automated.

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Hello @DawnO,

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Unfortunately it is not yet possible to include formula columns in created items automations.

Is the newly created item connected to the previous one? If so you could mirror the formula column to the new board.

Let me know if this is something that would work for you.

Hey @DawnO - This scenario is one reason my company uses General Caster. To do this, you’d write your formula into a GC integration recipe so it can put the result in a usable text column. The text column would port over to the new board no problem.

GC can also pull information from a mirror column into a text column, so you might be able to save the extra step.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi :slight_smile:

I did try the below automation, but it wouldn’t recognise the column I wanted to carry over since the column was mirrored to the board I was trying to copy it from.

It won’t let me mirror a mirror column.


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I have also facing this issues… Anyone kindly tell the solution.