Format Mirror column as number


I want to use the automation that “When number is greater than something then change status to something” but the automation not support the number in mirror column.

Please help with it!


Here are two options to consider:

  1. Use General Caster (in the apps marketplace) to put the value into an standard column.
  2. Use Integromat/Zapier (or custom app) to accomplish the status change.

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Hi @JCorrell ,

Was wondering if you could elaborate on how you’d go about doing this with general caster, seeing as it doesn’t support mirror columns as an input?

For context, I have a sum of subitem values that I’m showing in a mirror column on the parent item, which I would like to use to then trigger a status change.


Edit: by input, I mean trigger

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Sorry, I missed this…

You are correct. Mirror columns are not available as triggers. I have not really tried it; but, depending on the details, you might be able to do the “triggering” on the connected board.

If you are still looking for a solution I would be open to discussing the details.


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