Automations using formula column

It would be great to be able to set automations to change a status if a number in the formula column is less than/greater than a value.

I totally agree! I have been asking our rep about this. Not much help. This is what they told me:
"At the moment, a formula output cannot natively trigger a status change. You could use an application like General Caster that could project the formula output to a numbers column, which could then trigger a status change.

Alternatively, you could use a formula column and write a recipe that would provide a text output, like “Approved” or “Denied” depending on the numerical value. If you are interested in this option, I’d be happy to pass you along to our dedicated formula team that could help you configure that."

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Hi Connie, I’ve been using general caster to solve this issue but there’s a limit of 500 actions unless I upgrade. I’ll be processing more than 10K records and this can become really costly. I am interested on your alternative solution :smiley:

@RiaB, @annadayton, @ConnieMiller

General Caster and “creative” formulas are both viable options in this area.

Depending on the details of the situation, Make scenarios and similar tools are often a better solution; and WAY more flexible. Make has a free level and paid tiers start at around $10/month. You can find out more about Make here: What is Make & How can it help you with monday?

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