I’m having difficulty creating an automation with the following condition:

When clicking on the button column, the card must change group, but this change must only occur if other columns are filled.

In short, group change automation will only work if the filling conditions are met for certain columns.

Can anyone help me?

You should be able to create a new custom automation:

When button is clicked
and column is not empty
and column is not empty
and column is not empty
then move item to group

You just need to click the + to the right of the “when button is clicked” when creating the recipe.

You could then create additional recipes for “and column is empty” (one recipe for each column that could be empty) and the same button click. Then if one is empty you could send a notification or change a status to say what the issue is.

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@codyfrisch has a great recommendation there.

I would also add an additional automation by copying that one and changing to if empty for the columns.

This can then result in a change to an Error status and then put an update into the Updates section via the automation of what is required so the person knows how to correct the submission!

Hope that helps!

Mike B
Automation Architect

It actually needs three automations for the “error” states, because the error will only trigger if ALL conditions are met.

So there would need to be three recipes like this, one for each possible empty column. This way it only checks based on one column - if multiple are empty though it may create multiple updates. To avoid that you’d need recipes for all combinations of empty (1 for each single empty (3), 1 for each pair (3) and 1 for all (1) - so 7 automations total). It does get painful. Thankfully there are conditional column requirements coming in 2024 as a native feature.

When button is clicked
and column is empty
then change status to error (optional)
then send notification to person (optional)
then create update (optional)

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