New feature request

Add a “if not” option to status change notification. When status changes IF NOT status=whatever. To eliminate all the multiple automations needed to create for each status change individually.

Hey @ChristineWLF! Just to clarify, your ideal recipe would look something like this?

“When status changes, if the status is not X, do this…”

If you’re able to elaborate a little further that would be greatly appreciated :pray:

Exactly! I have 3 gating approval columns on my sheet if status isn’t approved then it gets archived but we want to capture why it isn’t approved to report on that . Ex. No capacity, Capex required, new procedure required, low margin, low throughput. So my ideal would be if status changes to anything except APPROVED move to archive board.

Thanks for clarifying! If you were to utilise our custom automations, can you let me know if this recipe would work for you?

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This is even better giving options of using 2 different status columns! Perfect!

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