STATUS Automation: Action based on current Status column


I am looking for an automation capability that will do something based on present item status, i.e.: if a STATUS is SOMETHING Then Do Something (e.g. clear column,…).
At the moment, all I was able to find in Monday are two types of status automation:

  1. If status changes to then…
  2. If status changes from then…


Hey @baruchm,

I hear what you’re saying here! At this stage, our automations rely on a trigger to recognise the current state of the status column.

For example:

'When item created and status is X" or “When column changes and status is X”.

The reason for this as if there were an automation for “If status is something” then recipes would constantly be triggered - if that makes sense?

Is there an action/trigger that you could incorporate into the recipe based on your workflow that could help fulfil your need here?

Hi Bianca, Thanks.

My meaning is (should have wrote that clearly) that if condition is met then this automation will kick in for a single run.

Since this automation will apply to a single occurrence, other automations, if relevant, will be triggered upon other existing logic, like if status changes then take action and so on.

In my case I don’t see value adding an action that will trigger the desired automation.

BTW, is there a logic that support status change from blank/empty to something? This may be acceptable alternative in this case.