Confiration pop up window for Status change


Since I didn’t find a similar topic in the forum, I would like to sugest the possibility to config a pop up message before a status change, beeing able to confirm the change or not.

When the due date of an item has passed, I have a board that gets a connected copy. While the item is active, I have automations notifying regularly the responsible until the status is changed to “Done”. After that, the item is archived. What I’m suggesting is that when someone changes the status to “Done”, this pop up message would appear, infoming that the item will be archived, and if the person agrees, then the status would change and the automation to archive the item will run, otherwise the status stay the same as before.

I feel that a funcionality like that would really improve the cmmunication between teams and would prevent a lot of missguided actions.


I would love to see this also. My current workaround is to add a “confirmation” status column right next to the status that is effecting the change.

For example I have an invitation to a google calendar event that will only send of the invitation when the date/time is selected and then the adjacent column gets changed to “Send”. This triggers the real information (the date/time) to carry out it’s action of sending the invitation.

Set up your automation so that the confirmation column is the trigger to proceed with your desired action.

I understand this is not what you are looking for completely but it may get you by until this feature is considered and then implemented. I would love a pop-up confirmation window to reduce the clutter and reduce missguided actions as well.


I totally agree with this! Will definitely be useful especially if you have multiple integrations to other Apps that get triggered when some statuses are changed in a board. Hopefully they add this feature soon.

Hi Rafael,
Did you get any answer on this?
I have a similar problem, when a status change our clients get an automated email about the progress and if someone accidentally update the status client gets an unnecessary email.
If there is a pop up like " are you sure" that would be really helpful.