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I have a Monday Lead board and want to be able to display a popup or prompt the user/team member to enter information into another column when the status changes to a particular value. For example, when an item’s status changes to ‘Estimate Scheduled’, I’d like there to be a prompt or popup shown that asks the user to specify the date of the estimate.

Is there an app/integration that is capable of doing this out of the box with Monday. If not, would this be possible via building a custom app and integration?

I know that I can send alerts and add notes to the item telling the user to select the date but would like a more direct and ‘in your face’ way of handling this.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey @noah.h,

Hm, in terms of external notifications (excluding email notifications), if you’re interested in more of an in your face way of notifying people, would lock screen notifications be an option for you? If not, as for a custom app, I’d be interested to hear how exactly you’d want these people to be notified - i.e. how would you define “in your face”? :blush:

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Hi @BiancaT thanks for your response. I would really like an on-screen popup that prompts the user immediately after they change the status column value. Ideally I’d like the user to be notified within the Monday app instead of receiving a notification on an external service especially when the task they need to be notified of is very simple like selecting a date. Does that make sense and if so, do you have any ideas on how I could accomplish this either through an out of the box Monday solution or through building a custom app/integration?

Thanks for clarifying @noah.h! In terms of in-app notifications, our bell notifications would be most relevant for you here, which I am sure you’ve explored. Whilst the specific notification won’t necessarily pop up on the screen, a notification symbol will appear in the bell symbol - Bell Notifications.

As for customised solutions or custom integrations, I’d certainly look into exploring perhaps our API and other third party apps. Whilst I cannot recommend any that I have personally come across, please check out these articles below for more information:

It might also be worth exploring our developers community here, monday Apps & Developers - monday Community Forum.

Hope this helps in some way!

Hi @BiancaT

Thanks for getting back to me and I appreciate your help. I think I’d like to ask this question in the Apps & Developers forum. Is there a way I can edit this topic/post to be shared within that forum or should I create a new topic?

You could also use a formula column with an IF statement.

IF({Machine Assigned}=“Assembly”,“ASM (Assembly)”

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