Notifications when column does not change

How do I get Monday to send notifications when there is not a change in a column, especially if there is no date set either. I am using a check feature or I could use status, but I have multiple departments I would like to check off when something is done. However, how do I set up a reminder for the departments to do something if it hasn’t been done yet.

Hey Penny,

You are able to set this up if there is an initial action established in the beginning of recipe, for example - when date arrives or when item is created - as this allows you to then set the condition for items that are not complete:

Is it possible for you to work something like this into your set up? :pray:

Thank you but I didn’t have a date tied to the task, for the other departments involved. I think I figured it out by having my one deadline column keep changing the date once another department accomplished their part of the project.

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