Automatic Notification for Items that haven't been updated in certain period

Our team keeps track of multiple items and we want to make sure we stay up-to-date on the most recent information. To ensure things don’t slip between the cracks, we want to automatically be notified of items that have not been updated in a certain period (1 month or more).

This feature would be great for users who use Monday as a CRM tools since this is one of the main tasks we’re required to do. There’s no workaround to this since the custom automations don’t even recognized the “last updated” column.

Hi, @nica.deleos - Perhaps this workaround might help? Short video:

Eventually the Last Updated column will be available for automations, but it may be a while before that happens. The approach I demo in the video clip can help you manage it in the meantime.

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I do this with a recurring task and a “next action date” column. I set the next action date. Then, at about 1 AM, I have a recurring automation that runs every night for any “next action date” that equals today’s date. It could be sending a notification, changing a status, whatever.

Yes! This works. The only difference is that our items aren’t always necessarily “done” so I had to manually enter the dates for all of the last updates made initially then created an automation where it notifies users 1 month after the last update.


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You’re welcome! Glad it helped.

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