Use Last Updated column in date automations

Is there a way to set an automation to say “if nothing has been updated on this item for 3 days, notify someone?” I’m trying to use a Last Updated column to do it and I don’t see how. The alternative would be to create a date column having the info when the item was last updated, but how do I make one of those without using an automation When Column Changes Set Last Updated to Today for every column on the board (there are 100+)? Thanks in advance for your ideas. Seems like there should be a simple solution, but I’m just not thinking of it.

100% This is a massive oversight and limitation…

I agree - can this be added as a feature?

has there ever been any movement on this? would be very helpful

+1 this. It’d be very helpful to automate w/ Last Update column. I’m looking for a weekly or daily digest that would ping specific users with what’s been updated within that time frame. Automating each column individually results in too many notifications in our case. Has anybody found a work around for this?

Hi @AndrewW - we have got around this using General Caster. Create a new date column (Last Update) and use the following set of stock automations:

Then use the below General Caster integration to update the Last Update column on any column change. The formula in the integration would be TODAY() and the column would be Last Update


Hope this helps!

I’ve been desperately trying to get this to work.
The formula TODAY() yields nothing.
Any help would be appreciated.

Actually, it consistently yields Jan 1, 1970

Hi @Rosco - try formatting like this: