Make the Last update-column show updater instead of automation creator!

At the moment whenever someone triggers an automation the last update column will show: Updated by “automation creator” instead of the person that triggered the automation. This renders the person function of the last update column useless in bords with automations or confusing at best.

Solutions: Remove the automation-creator as last updater altogether. (Copy the name from the person who triggers the automation to the automation-update/ or just dont update the column if the update is caused by an automation.)

Half solutions:

  • Create an automation that can add the person who updated to this column (overwrite the column)
  • Column option where you can filter the column automatically.
  • Remove the creator of an automation as the person that is connected to the update and change it to the robot sign. So it will show a robot icon and name it: last updated by “robot/automation” for example.

The strange thing is there is one automation that already works as it should and is an exception to this problem, namely: When status changes to X → move to group X, this automation will keep the person who triggered the automation as the updater. So it seems possible to fix this.