Make the Last update-column show updater instead of automation creator!

At the moment whenever someone triggers an automation the last update column will show: Updated by “automation creator” instead of the person that triggered the automation. This renders the person function of the last update column useless in bords with automations or confusing at best.

Solutions: Remove the automation-creator as last updater altogether. (Copy the name from the person who triggers the automation to the automation-update/ or just dont update the column if the update is caused by an automation.)

Half solutions:

  • Create an automation that can add the person who updated to this column (overwrite the column)
  • Column option where you can filter the column automatically.
  • Remove the creator of an automation as the person that is connected to the update and change it to the robot sign. So it will show a robot icon and name it: last updated by “robot/automation” for example.

The strange thing is there is one automation that already works as it should and is an exception to this problem, namely: When status changes to X → move to group X, this automation will keep the person who triggered the automation as the updater. So it seems possible to fix this.

I had submitted this as a bug and support reviewed it and said this isn’t a bug, so I’m submitting this as an idea.

On most of the automations I’ve created, the Activity log would show that the action done due to an automation was done by an automation. For example, when a status is changed to X, then Y happens. In the Activity Log, it would show that UserA changed the status to X, and then Automations did Y. This makes it clear what happened, and why Y changed. (Y changed because of an automation)

On one of my automations, though, it shows UserA changed the status to X, but UserB changed Y. UserB being the Automation Creator. This makes it confusing, because UserB did not actually go into that item to change Y.

The response I got from Monday support team:

Some automations do not show as being actioned by the platform and show the name of the creator of the automation as the instance who took the action.

Please make this more consistent! All automations should show as being actioned by the platform, NOT the Creator!

The automation that I created was:

If column changes, then change date to today and clear column

The column is a checkmark column. So when a User checks the column, another column (date) will change to today, and then the checkmark will be cleared. This is for a recurring task that we need to check for. The activity logs shows:

 User A changed column
 Monday automation changed the date
 User B changed column

But it should be Monday automation changed column for the last action.

Having creation and updates track to an automation creator is misleading and confusing. I think at minimum these updates should be attributed to an automation (like default column assignments are), and even better would provide both that the update was made by an automation and who the automation was triggered by.

I agree with this 100%.

Additionally speaking when building our app we ran into some serious issues with this as well. If the automation was treated as a default user with API token ETC this would greatly help my team.

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One thing that we’ve done in the past is create an admin user / board owner account for creating automations. We named ours “AJ Bot” after our company’s mascot and uploaded a profile image for the account as well. AJ Bot then displays as the user so we can quickly see it’s an automated action (and no regular user gets spammed with notifications, win/win). AJ Bot is also part of our JIRA integration in Zapier so any actions in that system that are automated show up as that account, not a regular user.


Thanks for the tip. Might do this workaround at some point, but this shouldnt cost an account spot and a lot of work to fix.

I’ve reported this as a bug, which it is. This is not a feature request and needs to be taken far, far more seriously.

We use last updated on intake forms for employees to make reports that are turned into maintenance records with automations. It’s impossible to record which employee actually did it with this method because erroneously attributes the automation-creator as the last updater. As a result the whole maintenance system is useless for tracking which maintenance records were created by who.

It’s been over six months since your post, and I reported this before you. I’ve since attempted to bump it to no avail. just doesn’t take this malfunction in their column type seriously.

Extremely disappointing.

The only solution is to abandon the last updated column entirely, and offer a dropdown/status on the intake forms so the employee can choose their name out of a list :slight_smile:

Then make a bunch of automations, per employee to modify the maintenance records after the fact.

Whole thing is a mess that looks like it will never be fixed.

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