Filter the "last updated column" based on the date

I have been in contact with support and unfortunately it is not possible, but what would be nice is that we can filter on the last update column based on the date.

If there are more who miss this please vote.

Hi all! I would like to be able to set a filter on my boards based on the creation log and last updated fields. Currently, Monday only allows to filter out the persons associated to the creation or update of the items of the boards. It would be very helpful if those column types could be treated as date columns, allowing one to define the filter by elapsed days. In my use case, I need to filter all tasks assigned to me that were created or modified for the last 2 weeks.

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+1 to this had to ditch the creation log field and use a date field with an automation to get around it but ideally this would be fixed so I could save that automation.

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What’s the automation you made to capture creation log in a date column? this sounds as a good work around.

Hi @Leo it’s this one here - Image 2020-04-01 at 8.47.23 AM :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jack this really helps.

I found a very easy solution that doesn’t require any automations. Creation a function column, and set it to: {Creation Log#Date}, then in your dashboard widgets, you can filter with that function column for a time period of your choosing.


Is there a way to create a formula to do “Date Modified”? I do not understand why the "
Last Update" column filters by a person and not date. That doesn’t help at all.

I don’t think we should have to use workaround & create columns with redundant information when this data is already being stored in their database.

It would amazing if the Creation Log & Last Updated columns were able to be filtered by date. Filtering by People in these columns is really of no value to me.

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This is a brilliant workaround! Thank you!

Still wondering how this isn’t a feature yet…?

I guess the conundrum is due to the design - bundling the person and the date into one field doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I can certainly imagine a need to know who created an item. Unfortunately for me, I needed to filter by the date.

The formula field workaround is usable (thanks @AndreSpivo!), but less than ideal. Hopefully it can get some love from the devs. Really as simple as having two field types: Creation Log Person and Creation Log DateTime.

Hello Monday!

I came across not being able to create a filter by Date on the Created Date Column. You can only filter by person when using it and not by date.

Being able to filter by date as an option will make handy when creating reporting as to when new projects or items where started, being able to track pipelines, etc by a daily, weekly, monthly tracker.

My Idea: Have the option to Filter Created Date by… Date!

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