Automated field Creation date - filter on the date and not on the author


I am vainly searching a way to filter my Monday board based on the column Creation date that is populated automatically.
This column can be customized to display only the date, only the Creator or both.

However, regardless how I have configured it, mainly to view only the date, I can’t manage to filter this column by the date, it only considers the Creator (even if not displayed).

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

hi @Christophe

You say the column is populated automatically. How is this done? Is the column a real date column or the outcome of a formula? Formula columns can’t be used anywhere in monday (not is recipes, filters, sorting etc) it only displays the result. This is because the actual calculation is done client side (in your browser).

Hello @basdebruin
The column I mention is in fact called the Creation log. When selected it is filled automatically. As you can see on the short video, you can define the Creator, the Date or both to be displayed, but the filter only will consider the Cretor.

Hi @Christophe !

I have found this an issue also! But I built a work around to match my system. So I created the automation " When Item is Created, set Date to today " Using the custom automation settings. This will help you with that filter and even opens up usage for gantt charts, calendars, and timelines.

Hope this helped!

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