Creation log only populates if created after items? Any way to add create time?

I am attempting to have a column containing the time an item was created, and have a few questions about the creation log column.

By default the creation log will only show the date and creator. Eventually I figured out that by going to : Change Column Type → Text (or long text) It will actually show the time. But in this configuration it will only populate the items that already exist at the time the column is changed to text. Items created after this point do not get populated.

Is this the expected behavior?

Is there any way I can have a column automatically populate with the date and time?

I notice that if I create a date column I can have an automation fill in the date at time of creation. and i can select add time and it will. But
if I go to Settings → Customize Date Column → “always keep add time option on” new items will still just have the date. I assume because the automation is to set the “date” not the time.

Hi @hderic - if you check the “include time” option in the automation it will always have the timestamp as well:


Hope this helps,

Right you are! didnt see that! Thanks!