Adding Form Timestamp (Reopen Unresolved)


This is to continue the original post on the form timestamps posted at

The question still remains valid as the proposed solution of adding The Creation Log Column does not have anything to do with the fixed timestamp of the form submission.

The Creation Log datatype is dynamic and is intended for tracking the latest change on the board, not recording constant timestamps.

I would appreciate an answer to this issue.


There is the The Last Updated column that does show the last time/date & user that made changes to an item.

However, the The Creation Log Column is fixed at the time an item is created and will not change after that.

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Hi @jeyhun,

Welcome to the community, and thank you for your request!

As per @JCorrell reply, the creation log column will (/should) remain fixed at the time the form is submitted/item is created. Is this column not behaving as it should on your end? Let us know incase we need support to investigate!


Hey @jeyhun

Let us know if you still need any help with this!

Much obliged to all responders, it works well!

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