Item created through form doesn't show creator in creation log


I created a new form to submit requests to my team.
The only issue with this form is that the Creation Log shows me as the creator os all requests, no matter who submitted the form, even if the submitter is a team member (who is subscribed to the workspace).
I use the Creation Log field to send notification emails about item’s status changes, so having the correct requester in this column is crucial.

Please advise.


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Hi… How they are uploading the form?
Vía desktop app, web app ir mobile app?

I created the form in the web app.

No, question Is, what platform users are using for filling the form

To the best of my knowledge they are using the web client too.
BTW anonymous form is unchecked.

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I’m having the same issue. I have the item automatically assigned the task to me based on the form answers. All tasks are showing as created by me regardless of who is assigned to the task.

Im having this kind of issue from the last year, in my case the users complete the form via a smartphone with android, so a link sended via whatsapp is opened via the default web browser installed (normally its chrome), the forms are submitted and enter to my board with ME as the creator when this is not real.

What i have searched and found is that (in my use case) our users doesnt have logged in via chrome web browser, because they are working directly via the android native App.

So, as users are not logged in on the same browser that its used to fill and send the forms, this forms returns without real user info, because they cant be retrieved, so it puts me as the creator.

Thats why i was asking from what platform users are uploading forms, because if the platform are not the same where user are logged in, then there is no way to get that info.

There is a previous feature request on:


I ran into the same issue with the only way around it would be to create a dropdown list to have them select their name in the form.

You can’t run automatons on that however so doesn’t really solve the core issue.


Hello /… who Is the right person in Monday to talk with about this issues?

We also utilize lots of forms. Since I am the administrator for our company and set everything up my name is associated with all of these tasks and updates. I would prefer to have the person left blank so we know that it came from a form rather than associating my account with everything.


Hi @Elisa, that will depend on the company workflow / use cases.
In my case i build up a form so every field technician can submit a form reporting some key items on the vehicle inspection previous to his use. Its important to know each user that is using the vehicle fleet.
Thats why i need to know who are submitting this forms.

@hlopezvc I agree. I always put in a Requested By field so the person entering the information is required to put a name that we can refer back to. However, a creation log or update added with the form shows my name. I’d like to get away from that since it really wasn’t me.

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Yes, besides this anyone could accidentally / intentionally send a form with another´s name.

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Hi guys,

Would the responses in this thread be of any help? Are you referring to having forms submitted by people who are actually members of your account?

Hi how are you?

Responding to your question: yes, we are referring to members/guests accounts of our accounts. But the thread talks abouts and automation between the creator log column and a person column. What we are saying is that the forms are not carrying the user info to the creator log column in user/guest of our accounts, so assigns by default the board creator as the creation log user, and that´s its not real, and its useless in case of the automation you have mentioned.
Yes, the form is submitted by people in our account and even subscribed to the same workspace.
The result is always the same, the Creation Log shows me as the item creator, and that makes using this column for automation impossible.
I’m assuming that the issue is related to the fact that I created the form, but I expect the real user to be registered as the item creator.

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We experience some issues when using automation’s. The person who creates automation’s on a board is the person shown as the owner regardless if you have a column to assign it to another member.

May not be your issue but if you have automation’s running, check to see who the creator is and you may find that this is the default owner ever time.

Hi All!

Brett here stepping in for Julia, sorry for the delay here. Our forms should show the creator of the form within the creation log, just as long as the submitter is in fact logged into the account.

Do any of you experience the opposite of this behavior when you know for a fact a user is actively logged in?

Thanks! , as a suggestion, is it possible to autofill in a Name / Text field if a user is logged in or conditionally hide the field if a user is filled in . Just as thought.

Hi Brett!
Our field technicians are logged in the Monday.comApp, not in the web browser App, so every creator log comes to my board with my name in it.
Could you develop any solution for Android app users?
Like an internal application to complete forms in the cases of users / guests? That could solve the problem in any case.