Way to see which team member/use submitted a form?

We use a form within our team to request changes to a file. Completing the form automates to create a new item on our board with the information that needs to be changed. However, we do NOT have a question asking the name of the requester who is submitting the form.

We have two conflicting submissions and we are trying to track who requested and submitted the form with the incorrect information. I can see the date of submission via the Form Response Viewer and I can see that Monday Automation created the line item via the board activity, but I can’t find anywhere that lists the user who submitted the form that triggered the automation.

All users of this for are within our team and have Monday user names, so this is not external.

Is there a way to find this?

Hi @ezaldere - have you tried adding the Creation Log column to the board. Unless you have the anonymous setting checked in the form options it will log the submitter if the form as long as they are a registered user.

The setting in classic forms:

The setting in Workforms:

Hope this helps!

That was exactly what I needed. Creation log is perfect for this. Thank you!

I have a similar issue. I tried to set this up, but the information that is logged is the person who created the form view or automation (not sure exactly). What am I doing wrong? I verified that anonymous is not checked.

That’s really odd. For me, I get this result (shows the creator of the form or automation) when I look at the activity log for the line item, but adding a “creation log” column to the entire board pulls up the person who filled out the form for all line items and that information is correct.

Hi @shonburns - are the folks submitting member accounts or outside of the organization?

I found that the users submitting forms are not logged in at the time, so they don’t get credit for creating the item when they submit the form.