Auto-add user records when submitting a form

We are attempting to use forms to allow our users to enter support tickets. All of our users are in-house, and would be logged-in to monday. It would be fantastic if forms could (a) require a user to be logged-in, and (b) automatically record their user record in one of the columns of the board.

At the moment, this is a major limitation to the form functionality, and is frustrating our ability to migrate from our previous support-ticket system.


Hey Clay. As the Monday forms are geared to internal and external entries I’m not sure if there’s a way to connect a Monday User. My thought for a workaround would be if you have a status column with people’s names you could then create automations to assign users based on values of the status column that’s filled in on the form.

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Completely agree. I could have used that functionality a few times already. This should work for in-house users as well as external collaborators.

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Thanks – yes. In the meantime, I’m doing something very much like that.

This is actually now available. A creation log column would automatically pick up the submitter of the form if they are in the monday account :slight_smile:

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This Is not working completely good on android app. Common Sense indicates that user info has to be retrieved from the app, but that doesnt happen, the user needs to be logged at the same Time in any web browser app, if not the form Will not retrieve user info

I hope this to be solved AND monday forms take the info from the app only.

Hey @hlopezvc

This should work the same on mobile as with the platform.

If you’re experiencing issues, would you mind dropping us an email to so we can treat it as a bug and investigate appropriately?


Please give me more information on “how” this would work on android platform.
Today, for all the forms we whare with our users (field technicians), when they complete it from android, the pulses are created with my user icon (as the creator of the board) in the creation log, and not from they users.
I have already contacted support and they tell me that retrieve the user / guest information from the web browser app, and not from the installed app.

To keep our technicians with a opened session for on a web browser app is difficult, thats why i was saying that common sense would be that the form retrieve the user info from the specific installed app.

But please if im wrong, tell me what i can be doing wrong … @lauralev

You can confirm if the above is true?, or clarify how monday takes the user’s name from a fulfilled form from an android smartphone?= . from support @ monday the answer was not clear …

I really need this to be working fine.

Well, yes and no. The creation log is helpful, but the creation log entry is not reference-able for notifications or automations. So at the moment, one of my staff has to populate an actual “people” column by hand, based on the person in the creation log.