Auto-add user records when submitting a form

We are attempting to use forms to allow our users to enter support tickets. All of our users are in-house, and would be logged-in to monday. It would be fantastic if forms could (a) require a user to be logged-in, and (b) automatically record their user record in one of the columns of the board.

At the moment, this is a major limitation to the form functionality, and is frustrating our ability to migrate from our previous support-ticket system.


Hey Clay. As the Monday forms are geared to internal and external entries I’m not sure if there’s a way to connect a Monday User. My thought for a workaround would be if you have a status column with people’s names you could then create automations to assign users based on values of the status column that’s filled in on the form.

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Completely agree. I could have used that functionality a few times already. This should work for in-house users as well as external collaborators.

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Thanks – yes. In the meantime, I’m doing something very much like that.

This is actually now available. A creation log column would automatically pick up the submitter of the form if they are in the monday account :slight_smile: