Forms for logged in Monday users

We would like to have the option to specify whether a form requires for the user to be logged in to Monday or not. We have a form for reporting production bug reports from our internal users, If someone is logged in to Monday then auto-assigning the reporter as the creator is super easy via automations. The problem occurs when the user submitting the form is not logged in to Monday then it picks as the creator the person who created the board and this leads to other issues. As a workaround we are asking for the name of the submitter but this is obsolete information when it can be automatically be pulled if the user is logged in

Hi, I have the same issue here.
I use forms for boards in which is mandatory to fulfill all the fields when someone wants to create a new item.
However, if the user fulfill the form without a previous login, the creator appears as me.
So, I also would like to know if there are any way to force a login before showing the form.

Thank you all