Bug? Monday Forms inaccessible without login

Hi there,

A few clients use Monday’s internal forms to submit entries, as of today 20MAR2023, all forms links re-directs users to a page saying:
“Please log in to fill this form”
“Authentication is required in order to submit this form”

As clients all use this type of Form to allow non-Monday users to submit entries to the board.

Is this normal or a bug?

Thank you

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I’m having the same issue. Up until about an hour ago all our forms were working fine. Now none of them are. Outside users get this screen and are asked to log in:

It has impacted all my client’s forms. Are you using WorkForms, or the internal Monday forms?

Internal Monday forms. I opened a support ticket earlier. My forms are all working properly again, and support verified it was a problem on their end.