Fill out form inside Monday?

I’m trying to set up a board with a form for internal requests. Yet it seems like the actual form can’t be filled out within Monday, only showing the editor. Instead a link must be shared.

As we use Monday as the sole place to find information, this link would just get lost by employees and requested over and over if we sent it via email. I suppose we can pin it on some board as a last resort.

Is there a way to make the form the default view of a board and let employees click on that board and fill out the form?

hi @user1094587

Welcome to the community. You should be able to create a simple view app that uses the url from the form. A view app is basically working like an iFrame so you should be able to paste any URL in there,

I appreciate the reply.

After looking through it, do you mean using a paid app? Because I can’t seem to find that functionality in the included features.

Hi there

No, I was referring to creating your own app. This is a very quick and dirty video how this can be done: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Ah, that was going to be the next thing I would explore. Thanks for the help.

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