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I looked through a bunch of form talk on here and haven’t come across any threads that quite address this topic but I feel like this would be very useful for teams. Forms can be powerful and I think would be used in a much broader Scheme if there was a way to submit a form directly from the Monday app and/or board. Here’s what I mean: Instead if either embedding the link into your companies website (mainly for customers) or having to email, or simply emailing the link all the time it would be great to activate a one push button at the top of any board that had an active form. So when you open a board the process now would be having a pulse that’s always there and inserting a link inside of that pulse. Not a big deal when using a computer. But when you have a “collaborative board that connects your team to info it would be great to not to have to have a pulse with empty columns just to provide a link. Instead having a button at the top that says “submit form” would be much better. It would reduce clutter and allow the board to flow as it is intended yet give it the ability to expand beyond just the board. This would also allow an admin to give access to information without worrying about editing issues which could arise with too many folks on a board. A form would give a user the ability to add a pulse (by form submission) but keep all information locked and only changeable by admins. Let me know what you think!

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Is there any way to have the form embedded within a board without a link? Like at the top of the board it would say “submit form” but below that would have the traditional pulses. Does this make sense? It just seems a little off for us to be able to use forms if within the board we use one of the pulses has just a link in it with all other columns blank

Hi @Miltime19,

I’m not sure I understood? You want to be able to submit the form from the top of the board? Can you send me a screenshot to show me why it doesn’t work for you to use the shareable link?

I’m not saying the function doesn’t work, I’m saying that it doesn’t work for our company. As we have a board that shows all clients booked for a certain day. Having a pulse with only a link in it creates an extra step as well as causing confusion on why there is an extra pulse. It would be nice to have something (if enabled) to where it showed “submit form” at the top instead of having to create another pulse. Does this better describe what I’m saying?

I see what you’re saying—you don’t have a place to store the link to the form outside of the board itself? Could you circulate the link within the company/ask those who might need it to save it as a bookmark?

Do you have another site where you can embed the form?

That’s what we’ve done with our asset request form. Our sales staff have it saved on their bookmark bar. I think we also made a bitly link so it was easy to remember.

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You could put the link in the board’s description instead of in a dummy pulse.


Unfortunately the app doesn’t support the description

Hey @Miltime19

I moved some discussions which were had previously on a different thread in another category to this topic since they discuss the same request.

Let me know if the suggestions below are helpful?

I do understand your pain though and agree having a way to access the form without having to go through the view and then preview it would be an improved experience for internal use of forms!

Thanks for some reason I couldn’t find this thread so I just made a new one… the previous talks we had about trying some work around just doesn’t work… do you think this is at all possible

A short term solution would be to give the app the ability to produce whatever is in the description. Someone suggested this but at the time viewing the description is not possible via app. If this were changed at least you see the link without taking up a pulse. Then you guys could allow for embedding within the description at some point and bam, problem solved!