Forms for recruitment

I couldn’t find this kind of topic, so posting it as a new one. Was using Boards for recruitment for some time now and thought about having applications automatically populate into the board. Managed to do that with a form. Set it up, with some screening questions, added option to add CV and just confirmed it works great.
As we are using LinkedIn for advertisement I just choose that applicants are redirected to a link instead of me receiving emails. As a link I provided form link and works perfectly.

Like this I get all applications in one place with some extra info already there- answers to the questions, so major time saved. With automations I am adding I will save even more.

Soooo happy.

Now off to figure a workaround for ratings and automating based on info from them :smiley:

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Thanks so much for sharing this!
This is a classic use-case that I think a lot of HR teams will benefit from seeing it in action.
Are you open to have a chat with our marketing team and show them how you have set that up?

Tom (from

Hi Tom, thank you, will be more than happy to share it with your team any time next week.

Great, our team will reach out soon. In the meantime, it will be great if you can add to your post some screenshots of your boards :slight_smile:

Yes, I love this use case @uhaj!

Would love to see the screenshots of your board, the form and maybe some of the automations you build into the workflow.

Let us know if you have any questions too! :slight_smile: