Forms - Best Use Case examples

Need to field a quick survey? We use Forms internally with employees to field small product research studies. Afterwards take screen grabs of the Charts views to quickly create a recap presentation. This is how we use Forms…what creative ways are you using it?


Love this feature. It’s a refreshing, simple alternative to SurveyMonkey and a quick way to get new pulses entered into a board. We’re using Forms to capture requests for hotel reservation changes for our marquee events. Very helpful.

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We’ve just created a new one for our Sales Team to request assets from our Marketing Team. We’ve maintained a few columns that aren’t on the form so we can mark the project lead and if it’s internal or external. Adding an automation notifies the marketing team when a request is submitted. An additional automation moves the pulse from the “unassigned” group to either the internal or external groups so we can see the current workload.

Would be awesome to see how you’ve set the board up if you’d include a screenshot @Krishele :dancer:

Here’s a shot of the automations and the form. We’ve tried to limit the options for answers to keep it streamlined but still used a long text column for the last question, so they can provide any clarification.

Automations%20for%20Form Form%20View%201 Form%20View%202


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We are using forms as a way to collect leads from our customer service team. Since we sell different products, the agents ask for which products the customer would be interested in and some contact info. When the new pulse is created on this board, we trigger an scenario in Integromat and this scenario classified the leads and creates a pulse in another board.

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Hey @PabloVerano,

Sounds a great use case!!
Could you open a separate topic under this category about your complete workflow for this as I’m sure others could learn a lot from your setup!

Cheers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sure thing! :slight_smile:

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We have a board for demographic change requests and have two unique sources from when the request can come from.

The first one is thru our website and the second one is internally.

we have one board with 2 groups. the first group is PROCESSING Staff Requests and the second one is PROCESSING Member Requests.

We have ONE UNIQUE Form designed for STAFF and the second one is UNIQUE for Members.

We have the Member FORM Link in our website which will be filled by Members and COME directly to the PROCESSING Member Requests GROUP and the STAFF form is filled up by our administrative staff and when they use that form it goes to the PROCESSING Staff Requests Group.

The reason these two are different is because there are more fields to complete in the Member form than there are on the Staff form, but both come to the same board for our OPERATIONS team to work on. When the new item is created, it assigns to our Ops team to enter changes to our database.

Hope this made sense … we love forms :stuck_out_tongue:


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I’ve recently designed two use cases where forms are the central piece.

Knowledge base:
The customer is using monday to manage tickets and also wants to create knowledge base. There are two forms that are used here:

  • external form for customer submission
  • internal form for internal knowledge bit submission

Property Management
Again, here there are several forms (we’ve configured two initially):

  • form to submit the work results after the cleaning is finished
  • form to submit repair request (also it is visible to the client)

Both forms URLs are used with service to make sure that the LIVE url that customer has stays always the same and you can change the form URL without affecting the customer. Then both URLs are converted into QR codes.

Then in property example the QR codes are printed and are sticked to the wall in the service room. Once the cleaning is finished, the team scans the code, fills the form, attaches pictures, we analyse them.

In case of knowledge base, the QR code is part of the manual for the equipment and also is a sticker near management panel.
The internal form QR code is printed in many posters materials and is everywhere around the office - in cafeteria, rooms, with simple message - “Found out something? Share with the team”. The internal submissions are tracked for rewards.

The key functionality here is using with QR codes simplifying form distribution and avoiding the issues of board reconfiguration and losing the original form URL.

Our A.I. plugins are used then to analyse and categorise the content (tags, summaries, keywords, extracting product names, serial numbers, analysing screenshots, etc.)