Generate form when item is created - update existing item

In my architectural firm we often need to collect our clients’ personal data.
So, this is what I wanted to do: every time a new project (board) is created an automation creates a new item inside a CRM board named as the project.
The idea was then to send a form generated from the CRM board to the client to collect all the needed personal data.
The problem is that it seems that forms can be used only to create new items and not to modify existing ones, is it right? Or is there a way to share an already created item as a form?
Why I need this? Because this way I know the data I receive back from the form belong to that specific project.


I recently ran into this issue as well. In trying to send out forms for customer satisfaction surveys, we found that natively within Monday, you can’t have the form link back to the item it was sent from(without forcing your form responder to know and input a very specific pulse ID).

Unless someone from Monday can weigh in on this feature or an ETA on it (, I can only see this currently being achievable through 3rd Party Integration Apps, like Integromat. If this feature is important to your Monday usage, and you are interested in exploring the custom integration route, message me and we can discuss more details.

Hey @andrewalmand and @edoaber! There’s no way to edit the form retroactively, i.e. after an item has already been created. Form submissions will always create new items, not edit existing ones.

Edoardo, your use case is really helpful as feedback and I’ve passed it on to the team.

Forms are going to be a big focus for us for Q2, but as far as I’ve heard and seen, this isn’t one of the features that will be added (this feature is currently a 2021 candidate for us).

My thought would be to reorganize the board a bit. How many clients do you have and how many projects? What about making a group per client, and then using an automation to select a status and have that send the item to a group? In other words, you could have an incoming project requests group at the top, and then you could use statuses to send down the requests to the relevant group for the client. Or, you could have a CRM board, and then boards for each project. You could link the project boards to the CRM board using a connect boards column and mirror relevant data:

Could something like that work? Feel free to let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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