Setting "New Item" Button to Use Form View

On every board page, there’s a “New Item” button, and I’d really love to be able to configure that button to use the Form view we created, or to be hidden entirely.

The board I’m thinking of has several phases in a complex process that we manage. Only about half of the fields of data are available when we create a new item. So we’ve built a form that collects the required information to create a New Item.

But that pesky default “New Item” button keeps leading users astray. They click it, and get overwhelmed by the number of columns to complete. Or they don’t notice the twenty column that are scrolled off the page. They end up confused, and we end up with invalid, incomplete, or duplicate records in the board.

The Form view gives me exactly what I need to guide users to provide the right info… but the pesky “New Item” button is a bad influence we can’t chase away.

Is there a way to make the “New Item” button redirect to the Form view? Or to hide it entirely? I’m even open to dirty CSS hack workarounds, if that’s a thing you can do with Monday.

Any and all help appreciated!

That said, there actually is a setting on forms

Edit => Configure => settings => “allow creating items via form”

This at least in the drop down of the new item button gives you the ability to create items by a form.

Some CRM users have seen them starting to put a button next to the new item button that is called “new lead form” on their leads board. I tried to get the one to experiment with it but they just wanted to scream and yell about its existence so I couldn’t find out if enabling the setting above ties it to that button or not since they had no interest in using it despite in fact having everyone using the form to create items! If you use CRM keep your eye out for that.

On the flip side, that also means they may be working on having a button for the form in general (yay!)

Thanks for the heads up on that apparent feature-in-development. It’s not where we need it to be yet, but I’ll follow your lead in hoping it’s a sign that work is underway.

Oh I agree, still needs work. Having the form be mandatory, with mandatory fields would be a huge step in the right direction - esp. for sales organizations, where we know salespeople have zero interest in following a process!

Hah - fair credit to salespeople, though… humans from any department are the worst part of every system. The computers follow rules and are consistent. They only need to be told once. But humans? Humans do any old god-awful unpredictable random thing just for fun. That’s why the ability to set defaults and mandatories is so important.

I know I’m preaching to the choir. :grinning: :raised_hands: Happy holidays to you!