New update - New button form - How to remove

Recent update to Monday has created this button highlighted red on the image below.

No idea how it got here or why when you click it, it creates a new view.

Does anyone know what its purpose is, and how to remove it? Our users are getting mightily confused

Without having an official answer here is what I suspect you are seeing: A new feature that creates a New Lead Form (which is a workform) that you can configure the form with the required fields for a new lead. When someone then clicks on the “New Leads Form” button in the future, a form pops up over the board to get the lead information filled out.

Why do you need this? Maybe you don’t. But in many sales driven organizations, its usually easier to convince a sales person to get a root canal than to fill out their leads and track them. This feature would be to eliminate the need for any horizontal scrolling, column hunting, switching to the right view, remembering the required fields, etc.

Try it out as its intended, then see if you really want to get rid of it. Now if its not working as intended (or I surmise it is intended)

Go to the “New lead form” view, and set up the form. If nothing is popping up, there is a setting in the “” section of the “customize” tab for creating new items from form - i suspect that will need to be checked.

We already have a form, which works flawlessly.

Oddly, as I said, this button doesn’t link to a workform, it creates a new form. Needless to say we don’t need 5 new forms.

Really I just want to remove, but cant seem to

Weird that it keeps creating new forms. That seems like a bug. Have you set your existing form to be usable to create items? This might trick it into at least opening your existing form. Again I don’t have this feature, so I am doing a lot of intuition here. I know of no way to remove it, I’m just trying to help you find a way that until there is (or its fully fixed) it doesn’t mess up your workflow.

Hi @codyfrisch,

Will be completely honest, I have no idea what that “Allow creating items via form” does. Our form already makes items on that board without it being checked.

Will ask support

That checkbox, enables the “New Item” button dropdown to display an option “New item via form” - and my strong suspicion is this new button you’re seeing is a shortcut to that “new item via form” functionality that needs a form set with that checkbox to enable it.


when you enable it, rather than going out of your board to a form, this displays a dialog of the form on the board for entering items.