Using a form to update an item

We have a Monday form online that freelancers will use to add themselves to our database (a project board). It allows them to give us all of their details (name, contact, experience, file upload, etc) and it then creates a new item on the board.

Is there a way to allow the same freelancer to use the form (or a form) to update their record if they change contact details, or want to upload new documents etc? Can a form be linked to an item?

Is there a way to set an automation so if an existing freelancer uses the form to update their info, it doesn’t create a duplicate record but instead updates the existing one?

Thank you!

Hey Matt,

At this time it isn’t currently possible to update existing items via a form. That being said, I am excited to mention that this is a feature on our current roadmap. You can check out the status of the feature and future developments via the existing feature request here → Use Forms to edit/update existing items and columns :slight_smile: