Best app awards of 2023!

Hi Community :slight_smile:

After an amazing year for the App Marketplace, we’re thrilled to celebrate seven apps that stood out from all the rest!

A HUGE congratulations to the teams who stand behind these apps for achieving thousands of installations and users or bringing helpful new tools to

We’re so proud of these dev partners!
Together, our growing Marketplace has achieved 700,000 installations with 40% of users installing at least one app—and it’s thanks to devs like you.

Want to be a winner in 2024? Here’s what you can do now!

Congratulations again to these seven standouts. Here’s to a massive 2024!


The method we used in each category to determine the winners is as follows:

  • 2023 Most installed new app: From apps created in 2023, the largest number of installations
  • 3 Best selling apps: Highest revenue in 2023
  • New and promising apps 2023: the most installed app within its first 90 days in the marketplace in 2023
  • Most installed app of all time: Largest number of installations at all times.

That’s excellent news, @TomFri.
It’s an honor for us to be part of the community.