The apps marketplace is here!

Hi monday builders!

We have some very exciting news, we have officially launched the monday apps marketplace! That means all developers who have built an app, it’s your time to send it in and get it reviewed by our team for a chance to be included it in the marketplace. And for those developers still building their apps, you can submit your app as soon as it is done to be included in the marketplace.

You can learn more about the marketplace here, and submit your app for review to be included in the marketplace here.

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There are already apps there that I would recommend to our company. But until can assure us that our data on the app servers is as secure as our data on their servers it’s a dead end.

Hey Jim, thanks for that feedback. Can you tell me more about your specific concerns with third-party app security?

Great work @dipro! Very exciting times! Well done to you all. Great to be on the journey with you and the team.