Is there a way to write an update to an item from a Form?

Do you know if there is some automation tool, API functionality or similar to do this:

• From a form with different questions and choices, create a task but more importantly, put all the info contributed within the Updates for that task.

The intention would be to make like a questionnaire of previous requisites and specifications, making all that info available not in the item itself, but in the details: UPDATES or INFO BOXES

• Or there would be a better way to address this problem?

Thank you for your time!


I"m following your item because I’ve been trying since yesterday to figure out a way to do this as well! Thank you for posting this question !


If I find anything I’ll let you know
If not, maybe I would post it as a feature request!

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@jlobejon @vpattersonAustin

I have also recently ran into this issue. The reason this doesn’t work is tied to the fact that Forms are designed to capture new items/information for Monday boards. Even if you trigger an automation to send a link to someone to fill out from a current item, there currently isn’t a way to link the two back together.

I’m not familiar with how the API reads or records data for forms, so maybe there is something there?

Other than forcing you form responder(and assuming they input it correctly) to write in a specific number or text that matches your unique item, there is not native way to link form responses back to items. Plus that’s a big ask for your form responders that wouldn’t work in most use cases.

Unfortunately this topic has come up before and I think the Monday team responded with no ETA on a solution. Probably because it would require a restructure of how the Forms work, or adding a different type of form. I think a simple solution that the Monday team could implement would be to allow you to pre-populate some form fields. With that, I know you could add in a current pulse ID which would then allow you to transform the data from a response onto a specific item.

The only other way to achieve this currently would be to have the information you need sent to the pulse email for the items. Each item has specific email associated with it. You can manually retrieve said email by opening the Updates for the item and clicking the “Write Updates via email”.

If I can figure out another way to set this up I’ll let you know.

Hope this helps for now!

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Hey @jlobejon

I am not sure if I understood your question the same as the others who responded did.

My understanding of your question was that instead of having the columns of your board turn into form questions so that each question would populate the columns of your board, you just want to send a form where the person filling it out will write their requirements and it will go straight to the updates section?

Technically this is possible as every form will automatically add a question at the bottom called “Update” which is a free text answer which populates the updates section.

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 15.11.14

Technically, you could hide every other question on the form so that only this question appears to the user. To hide questions, just click on the eye next to the question:
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 15.12.38

I won’t mark this as solved but if this answer does indeed answer your original question, please do mark it as the solution.

If this doesn’t help and you need more guidance, feel free to respond.


Hi, @jlobejon
to my understanding and what I have ben trying in the same direction there is no way at the moment to update a puls/item from a form.
There is only the posibility to do it via the import function using the “Manage Duplicate Items” function:
Excel Import