Ability to move files

As it stands, it is not possible to move files either between columns or between items. To do that, we will first have to download the file, delete it in the existing column or item and then reupload it. It is evident that, this can quickly become time consuming and not very efficient.
This effect can also be seen in the API, where if there is a need to move files between items, one has to download the file and then reupload the file as an asset. I don’t think this is a good way to go for security reasons and also the effect this has on the amount of complexity used, since querying assets and uploading them is a very expensive process.
Would it possible to change the implementation for files so that they can be moved between items and columns?

Love this idea. Not only would it be a convenience to be able to move files between columns, it would also prevent the file history to be lost when moved which is important for the integrity of record keeping.

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We really need this feature at my company.
Would love to see built!

I also need this feature.
I have one panel where my employees record the daily tasks, photos included.
There’s an scheduled routine (every night at 23:00) which transfers that daily job into a cloned structure panel that contains all the daily tasks, with the aim that my customers can check all daily jobs whenever they need.
I was able to transfer all the info and files until last month, now I can only transfer the data , the files are not transferred, it makes me do double and manual job. is there any solution in the short term?

I wish to request files from customers and have the ability for them to add directly to their item. I currently have a generic form on the board that can capture the files by category and this then creates a new item. The only way is to then download the item and re-upload to the new item. Transfering between items would be great but even better woudl be to be able to send the form request from the item by addign an item ID to the URL and as such, have the files supplied by my client go directly on to their item.

@monday, please add this functionality.
It’s the most natural way to use the interface.

Could we at least somehow, update the file metadata so it can be moved?


Move files and Monday docs.

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We really need this! i wish we can have it ASAP

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Great idea, I too need this for our company. It will really help save time and accuracy