Drag a file to another Item - Feature

Let the user drag a file from one column to another. Also give the user to copy a file to another file column.

How it can work smoothly: Let the user drag the item to the new column and once dragged, the options of (Duplicate or move) will appear giving the user an easy option to pick their action.

Hello @Doughty94 ,
Great suggestion and I fully support that!
You can upvote the feature request here too which is asking for the same thing.
In fact, in your previous post about having the option to keep both columns values, the Duplicates and Uniques can do that, expect for files for this exact reason. Should monday.com change the way files are handled, so they they can be moved freely without having to download and upload them, that would be great because use cases such as joining the files can be achieved.

Yea, Regarding the merging columns, The thing about the Duplicates and Uniques is that the plans are too expensive just to have that merge function that is needed.

Still looking to drag a file from one column to another. When will this be implemented?