Files Carry Over to Board in 'Move Item to Board' automation

I am trying to create a seamless interview tracking process in which a candidate can be moved across multiple boards as they go through the interview process. The file column would hold their resume. But when the candidate moves boards, the resume doesn’t follow. Can Monday make it so that the files attached to the item follow the item as it is moved to a different board???

Hi @ToriG
Would be nice (upvoted) but I don’t think this is an easy task for monday. As an alternative: files stored in the update section of the item do get copied across. Is that a possible workaround?

That is a great workaround! Thank you very much!

I am new here, but would like to use the workaround you suggested. Can you tell me more how to do that?

hi @rdahlberg

Welcome to the community. The workaround I suggested was to put the file in the updates area (the one that opens when you click on an item’s name) instead of the file column. After you have written the updates with the files attached you can pin your update to the top so that the files are always visible.

Will that carry to the next board in my automation?