"Move Item" Automation - Files don't work D:


I hope whoever is reading this is doing well :slight_smile:

To cut to the chase - when you select an individual item from a board and click “move”>“move to board” you can move the item with all its data to another board. lovely! files move too!

However, when you use an automation such as “when status changes to X → move item to Board” all the data is transferrable except for files :tired_face:

Is this something that can change? So that when you set up a “move item” automation to another board the existing file in the file column can move to the file column in the end board? Let me know if I can clarify and thank you in advance! This would be a MAJOR asset to our team! :slight_smile:


This used to work but has recently stopped. We’ve been moving files from board to board after a status change for a year or so but it has suddently stopped.

please help Monday.com


So it’s not an ideal solution, as it utilises the external tool Integromat, but this is possible and I use it at the moment.

The process is:

  1. Status change triggers a webhook
  2. Integromat gathers the items information including the public URL for the files
  3. Integromat creates a new item on the board you choose using the information from step 2
  4. Integromat uploads the file to the new item
  5. Integromat deletes the original item.

It gets complicated if there are multiple files and it doesn’t bring across updates/replies so it will depend on your exact requirements. At the moment we use something very similar to move files from a hub down to linked items on client boards when a status is changed.