Can I duplicate an item via automation to a separate board and bring files with it?

I wanted to add a button to a board that when clicked copies the item to another board.
When I do this the file is not copied along in the process.

How can I get this to work?

Files are unfortunately not supported yet for the copy automations @binsento. One way some have worked around this is to automate copying the item on the same board first, and then moving it (which brings the files along for the ride :slight_smile: )

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I’m also missing this feature ;( I asked the support and they told me that its not possible. I assume its to avoid potential massive file storage creation on the Monday servrers… Otherwise I would not understand why they don’t offer this. Would seam little developer effort…
Didn’t think of the workaround that @PolishedGeek mentioned, have to give it a try!


Have you looked into 3rd party integration software yet? I use Integromat and you can run the automation through that, have it download the file and re-upload to the newly created item. The FREE plan is generous enough to test and see if you like it with no time restrictions. The obvious downside is that if you are using more than the FREE plans actions/data then you would need to upgrade but the first tier gives a 10x upgrade for a reasonable price.

As Andrew mentioned, @Sven.H - You can do this with Integromat. We demo’d it to someone just yesterday afternoon. You have to get the public URL of the file, then an HTTP call to download it, then you can attach it to any email, embed it in a document, etc. It’s also possible to have a little Integromat scenario run that syncs up files between boards (monday board 1 → Integromat → monday board 2)

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