When dropdown changes move item to board: TAG COLUMN

I have a automation: when status changes to x then item moves to board…
I can prefill all the the columns but not the #hashtage column? How to achieve this?

Also possible file uploads in fields are moved?

check on this message, its not supported i think

Hi @FMisplan

These columns should now be supported when mapping an item from one board to the other.

why you cant select the “actual” files uploaded to the file column to be moved or copied to the target board ?? it only gives you a fixed option the upload a file, but you cannot use the already uploaded files on the pulse…
why is that?

Hey @hlopezvc, great question! The automation should pull the files over on its own just by default. So no need to map the file column like you do with other columns.

You can just leave that portion of the automation mapping blank and the system should move the file over as expected :slight_smile: Hope that helps!

@mikecano problem is in my use case im using this automation…

im not tryin to move the item, just creating a new one in another board with information and (needed) files from file column from the existent pulse.

so this recipe doesnt work like you mention…

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