Moving an Item in one Board, Moves Linked Item in another Board

Not the hugest deal, but wondering if it would be possible to set up somewhat of an extension of this automation:

On top of creating the item in another board, would it be possible that if the copied item is moved to another group in the second board, the original item also moves to the same group? Of course this is contingent on the boards more-or-less being mirrors of each other, which is true in our case (we do this because they house different information and one works as the main link to many other boards). Right now we manually update the movements between the 2 boards.

This is my first post and I did do a search for a similar topic, so I’m sorry if I didn’t do something correctly or missed a similar topic somewhere. Thank you!

Hey @jaykjapra! This is a fantastic idea - our product team is aware of the ability to support mirror columns within automations but we are still evaluating the impact and effort behind that since as mirrors the data doesn’t live on the board itself but rather on the source board. We are constantly adding more features and options that you can follow at! Cheers!