Moving an item with a mirror to new board

Im new to and apologies if there is simple answer I’m not seeing but I have read around and cant seem to work it out.

Board#1 is a “List of clients” with all their information, Board#2 is the “quotes pipeline” where there is a mirror column “client” that connects to Board#1.
When a new quote item is added i can select a client from the drop down menu and all their information is auto-filled.

When “status” in Board#2 changes to “Quote Accepted” the item moves to Board#3 “Prestart”.
The problem I’m having is when the item moves to Board#3 the entry that was in the “clients” column does not transfer over.

what would be the best way to allow and item to move to a new board and retain the information that is being populated by a mirror to a separate board?

thank you

Have exactly the same issue here. I need to move Items with connected/mirrored column values from one board to another and would like those values to be mapped accross. Instead, I have to re-select the Mirror column value after the Item is moved which is super frustrating, since all the other data is mapped as expected!

Please can we get this feature added folks!

Any update or explanation on this from

To clarify - the feature is there for manual item moves, here the mapping is setup to retain mirror column values from the source board, as long as there is a connected/mirrored column in the destination board. But when performing the move via a Board Automation, the mapping setup only allows static values to be set.

This limitation is preventing us from maintaining well-connected baords that can pass critical data between boards as items move around.

hi @Adlev , @Mark_A

This is indeed something that is not supported by monday. You could create a feature request, but understanding the internals of monday I give you little to no chance this will be implemented in monday.

Now for the good news :slight_smile: . There is an app called Match Index Column (see Apps Marketplace). If your client names (or numbers) are unique and you don’t need to update the client details from the boards#2 and boards#3 this app might be the solution for you. The fact that you can’t change customer details in boards using the customer data is a good thing as you only want to change customer data (like their address) in the source board holding the actual data.

In all boards (board#2… etc) you add the integrations provided by the app to get the details from the customer source boards. Those integrations require a key (customer number?) and you specify which data need to be kept up-to-date. Something like this:

When you move an item by automation (e.g. from board#2 to board#3) and the same integration
is present in board#3 you don’t even have to copy the customer details (like address), only the name of the item and the “key” you specified is enough. The integration will recognize the new item in board#3 and will fill in all the customer details based on the “key”.