How to Automatically Transfer a File Column to a Different Board?

When I add the automation “when status changes to move item to board” my items move properly, however the files in the file column do not move. I am certain they did previously. Any ideas?


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We don’t currently use any “move item to board” automations in our workflow, but I’ve tested it before. Can you confirm you starting board and target board(move to) both have file columns? I think it helps with mapping if they have the same name.

I did notice while testing this now, I don’t get the same mapping option like you in other column types:
Instead of being able select data from the starting board, it wants you to add files which tells me it doesn’t support moving file column information. If you say its worked in the past, then its definitely possible something has changed so you may want to reach out to support.

What about using connection columns and mirror columns instead of moving the item? I know this works as we use it daily in our work flow.

Thanks @andrewalmand ! I will try to use the mirror or connection column. Appreciate the feedback!


You’re welcome! Yes the Connected Boards + Mirror Column can be very useful for have access to data or files from other boards appear on subsequent boards. Connect Boards Column (Previously Link to Item Column) – Support

Essentially the Link Column(now called Connected Boards) links the line items across boards, and the Mirror columns(you can use as many as you need) can be used to display specific data from
other boards.

Let me know if you need help setting it up!

So cool! What industry are you in? Would love to find others in the construction industry to see how they are using monday.


Manufacturing(custom furniture). So close but not exactly. I definitely see lots of other users with Construction related use cases and there are lots of Construction related templates and apps.

We use Monday for just about everything except quoting/purchase orders(which I’m close to picking a PDF creator which will change that). Purchasing, Logistics, Reporting, Project Tracking(Top Level that filters to Specific Tracking boards), Warranties, Marketing etc. Monday really can handle it all.

If you have any specific questions or are curious how we manage certain workflows feel free to DM me on here.

Glad I could help!

Hi, but maybe in some other workflows you dont need to connect this items, and just want to transfer it when an automation trigger (along with other column informations).
Actually this kind of automations supports only to put the same fixed files for all pulses, what i think is missing is the hability to transfer the file from file column to the target file column.-

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I am in Construction too! I tried to see if there was a FB group or something for Construction users but there isnt! It’s hard to explain what I need to people who don’t understand how the industry works!!

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