Auto populating using file column and mirrors/links in two boards

Hey there mondayers,

I’m currently testing out monday again, seeing whats new and whats changed since my last experiments. There’s definitely a lot of new stuff to be aware of, but I’m also encountering new problems. My use case right now:

  1. I setup a form that surveys clients about regular information for coaching sessions (Adress, Name, Interests, Availability)
  2. I also want to give them the option to upload documents/files. So far, that works fine using the form and also works by using the standard board view (list/table)
  3. I then transfer these form entries (Board: Form entries) by using their status column as a trigger to duplicate them into another board (Board: Client List). Sadly, the files can’t get duplicated into that new board as of right now. All other data does get created inside the new board.
  4. I then thought to create a mirror/link column in the Client List board for the files inside the Form Entry board. That works as well.

The Problem: I don’t want to input every client manually into the link/mirror column to populate the mirrored file column. When using 10s or 100s of client entries, that will get messy quickly.

I want that already exisiting file to automatically populate the mirror/link column inside the CLient List board without having to go in and do it by hand, as soon as new entries are created. Is there any way I can do this?

Welcome back, @festgebaeck ! Isn’t it exciting to see so many new features?
I made a video clip for you, I think this will do exactly what you want: Screen Recording 2021-04-04...

Hope you find it helpful, Tim. I’m happy to chat with you on Zoom as you explore your trial and help you uncover the right features for your needs.

~ Deb Cinkus

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Hi @PolishedGeek , thanks so much for taking the time! Thats exactly what I needed and I totally missed the “create a column on the other board” checkbox, that was the error on my end. It now works perfectly!

Thanks again!

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