Linking Boards and Auto-populating


I have board with staff names and their orgs. I have another board that when I select the staff name, I want it to lookup the org from the other board and fill in the org on the receiving board. How do I accomplish this?

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Welcome back! there are several possibilities to do this. Let’s assume board names “Staff” holding staff names and orgs and the other board is named “Other”

In standard monday you can:

  • in “Other” create a connect_boards column and in the setting point it to “Staff”
  • in the same board create one or more mirror columns that point to the newly created connect_board column
  • in the same board create an automation

    In this example I used the name column (leftmost column) for matching, “New Board” in your example should be “Staff”

The automation is still listed in Beta, and I do see situations where it might not work fully as expected.

The other option is to use the Match Index Column app ( which doesn’t use the connect and mirror columns form monday et all. The advantage of that is the “org” value is hold in a column of the same type as in “Staff” and you can build further automations based on that column. Standard mirror columns have limitations in using it in other automations / formulas etc.

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Thank you. Unfortunately mirroring didn’t work and the other option is pay-for-play.

Here is the source data:

Here is the receiving board:

When the Staff field on the receiving board (Performance Measures) is updated, I want the Mirror Section field to update with the section from the Staffing board. It remains blank.

Also that automation is not available to me.

How do I connect the Staff field of Performance board to the Staff filed of the Staffing board so that Mirror Section auto populates? I can’t find that interface.

See Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Possibly your are missing that Beta automation on your account

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Thank you for the video. That’s helpful. I was looking for that automation in the first place. Unfortunately, it is not available to me. I will put in a support request.


The automation for matching and connecting is only available in the automation center not while creating a custom automation. @dedwards have you tried looking there? I always just search for ‘match’ then pick which of the 3 suits my needs the best.

That worked! Thanks so much.

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