Connecting Boards without Trigger

Is there way to pull in a column from another board without using an automation with a trigger? For example my Receiving Board has a Staff column, the Staffing board has a Staff and org column. I want to link the two Staff columns and have the Org column automatically show up in the Receiving board without an action triggering it.

Also, I want the data to always be current on the receiving board. So, if a Staff’s org changes, I want it to be reflected on all the receiving boards.

You can mirror the staff’s org on the receiving board. But it will require you to either manually or automatically connect the two.

You need to add on the receiving board a connected boards column (your choice is you want a two way, the advantage of a two way is that from the staff board you will see all the receiving items per staff). Then add a mirror column and select it to mirror the org column from the staff board.

Now to connect the items you have the option to use one of the match automations:

Or you can connect them manually yourself to the staff in question. I don’t see why you would want to do it manually though.

Let me know if you need further support.

Thanks for the response.

When you say “connect automatically”, you mean via automation with a trigger right?


Correct. Through one of the recipes in the image I shared.