Linking boards which do not have a direct relationship via automation

I have several boards which I move information to once tasks are complete. Information moves from board 1 to 2, from board 2 to boards 3 and 4, from board 3 to boards 5 and 6. I know how to link these boards (by automation) but not sure how to link, say, board 4 with board 6 or board 2 with board 6, for example.
The recipe might be “When an item is created in this board, connect the item where this column matches this column in another board by this logic” but not sure what this means. Can you help me?

Hey @Alastair_Foggo,

Thanks for your question!

Based on my understanding of your current workflow, it sounds like the match automation recipe is the most suited. Essentially, in order for this recipe to work, there must be a matching of values across the two boards so that a link can automatically be generated in the secondary board. For example, the item name in board 1, might match a value in the text column in board 2, and therefore a connection will be established between the two boards (/items) through this value match. Does this make sense?

If you were to chose the logic to add new matched item this will add an additional item in the connect boards column, in addition to any other item that is already connected. Alternatively, if you were to choose the option to override new matched item this would then replace any connected item that already exists, with the new connected item.

I hope this hasn’t caused further confusion for you! If you’re still running into some roadblocks, feel free to reach out to our support team via (with any additional info/screenshots), and they will be able to point you in the right direction :smiling_face: