Mirroring a files column

Hi Monday Community! This post is mostly to clarify why this happens, I will set up the scenario.
I have Board A, Board B, and Board C. In the real life scenario Board A is Sales, where Tenders come in and either become a project or not. Board B is the Projects Board.

These items come from the Sales Board and these items are connected, I use the automation: ‘When Button clicked create an item in Board B and connect both boards with Board B’.

Then in Board B (Projects) I create an item if necessary in Board C, in real life its like creating a task for the installation team because the job involves installing but not always. For this I then use the automation: ‘When Button clicked create an item in Board C and connect both boards with Board C’.

I then mirror the files column so the files are shared in all 3 boards, I also want Board C (installation team) to be able to upload files in the mirrored column, this is where my problem lies although I have found another way to do it, I want to understand why it will not work.

Here is Board A with the files I want to share and the button that creates the item in Board B:

Here is Board B, we have successfully created an item and the files are shared, it also allows me to add files which is seen in the ss. We can see the name, mirrored files, and button to create an installation job in Board C:

When I hover over the mirror column there is a +sign and text that says “Add/Manage Files” but when I click on it it will not let me, otherwise I would have been able to capture it in the ss.

This is not a big issue since I am aware that I can always add a file if I open the item that its connected to:

I am just curious to know why it won’t let me, if there is anyone out there that has a clue! Thank you for the patience for reading the whole thing if you got till here! :blush:

Hello @IsabelKN

I’ve tried it with my boards, and I could add a file.

Here is the mirror column:

I am adding a file here - all good, the file is uploaded.

And the original item has now three files:

There are two differences from your scenario:

  • I did not use the button
  • the mirror column was created manually from the target board (not original)

I will try with your exact scenario a bit later. I would also check what permissions you have for the board.

Hope it helped a bit!