Monday keeps duplicating the item's attached files when item gets moved to other board

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I created two boards (suppose they are named board 1 and board 2). The idea is that once an item is created in board 1 and the status changes to something, the item (along with all the existing information) gets moved to board 2.

The automation is working pretty well, but I just noticed that once the item gets moved, the files that I had attached to the item in board 1 get duplicated on the new board. So, if I attached a picture to item 1 in board 1 and this item gets moved to board 2 by the automation, once I check board 2, item 1 has now 2 pictures attached (exactly the same). I have no idea why this is happening. I would greatly appreciate some help! Thanks!


@jorgebea This is happening on our boards too. Every time an item moves, it adds another set of files.

  • “Board 1” has 1 set of files.
  • “Board 2” has 2 sets of files.
  • “Board 3” has 3 sets of files.
  • “Board 4” ends up with 4 sets of files.

I currently have 264 files in one job lead after only adding two files myself. This is out of hand and unusable for file management. is there a fix for this yet? or advice on perhaps what we are doing wrong


Hey @jorgebea, @cherylbenke, and @Shaun_Rouxel! We hope you aren’t still experiencing these issues, but if you are could you send us an email at Our team will be able to troubleshoot and address this bug!

@CharlotteK - so nice to hear from you! Thank you so much. We’ve 99% QUIT using the files column because it was so problematic. Will send the email.