Use an existing Item for Forms

How can I use an existing Item (which I create via the API) for a form submission. I want to create this Item, because I need to add an USER ID to the form data. The USER ID comes from our system and identifies the user context of the form.

Maybe there is any other way, to add this USER ID to the form data? I tried with query parameters, but this is not supported yet.

The USER ID is mandatory, if I receive the data via webhook, after the form was submitted.

Hey @alex001! Just to clarify, are you interested in updating an existing item through a form that’s been created via API? Let me know, as whilst this isn’t supported natively just yet, there might be an app in the apps marketplace that could work for you!

Hey @alex001 - the Superform app says it allows you to update/add data to existing items (among other things). Not sure if that would work for what you need.

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