Use Forms to edit/update existing items and columns

Forms are good for creating items, and hopefully this year forms will continue to improve to support more (all?) column types.

It would be great to be able to use forms to view, and also edit, existing items.

For example, we currently have a form set up to allow new employees to create their records for HR purposes. This information is added to an HR board, which is then maintained by the HR manager who adds more details to various additional columns in that board.

When it comes time for prompting an employee to update some of their information (eg. provide details of their new driver’s licence), it is managed via email and then manually updated by the manager.

This workflow could be better managed if we could use a form that is sent to the employee, which just shows selected fields (columns) with their existing information, that could then be updated and submitted.

As an extension of this concept, being able to use a form to view, and step through, all items in a board, and update any records, could potentially improve the UX for users on mobile devices. (This may be implemented in a similar manner to the way that forms work within MSExcel - yes, they are there, but hidden within the menu.)

If this also incorporated filters and customised named forms, then it could be a very powerful feature.

I agree. This would be extremely useful. I would also like the ability to output forms as PDF and workflow via a digital signature platform.



there is any consideration for this request to include in the dynamic roadmap?

this could be a powerful feature for multipurposes, and as @IanFury says including digital signatures would be awesome!




I love this suggestion! I’m not sure if it’s on our roadmap but I will check with and see if not if he can suggest this to the domain looking after board views including forms.

In the meantime, one thing did spring to mind which was the forms viewer app although this just allows you to see the form responses in the form view itself but there isn’t the way to make edits from inside the form. Maybe your suggestion could be something added to this app if not the form view itself! I will pass the feedback along!



What is the status on updates or edits to an item via a form?


Google forms allow the creator to edit their form submissions. This is very useful when using forms for work submissions. I’d like to see Monday add this functionality as change requests are very difficult to manage. It would be very efficient to allow users that submit forms to be able to receive a link that allows them to edit their submission.


I am not sure I am understanding, is there a way to edit and update items using forms?


I have the same need.
I’m making a customer satisfaction measure system.
In that I have a board for tickets and another board for survey. When item create on 1st board another “linked” item will be created on the 2nd one and I need somehow the form that send to customer could update to the exace-newly created item.

Not sure if anybody have a similar scenario and solution. If yes, please share. Really appreciate it.


This is a huge oversight in the forms build! we need to be able to update an item with a form. has there been any update on this?


Hi @stevendlc927
Are you saying that you need to be able to update an existing item with a form submission?

Right now, this isn’t possible but what you could do is use the new import with merge from Excel to achieve the same thing (although a little more round about). This feature is actually also going through some performance changes so if it seems a bit buggy, know that it will change very soon.

Check it out and let me know if it helps?


I have also suggested something very similar. The best answer received is as seen below:

Monday Reply:
Form to update an item -this I actually a highly requested feature and we get it every once in a while but at the moment there is no plan on supporting this mainly due to the complexity of development . :cry:

Sadly, I think it will be a wile before this will realizes.

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Yes - still very much a need and it would be very helpful:

  1. Allow two types of forms (1) updating form (2) new record form (can’t do both most likely)
  2. For the updating form, existing record (row) data will prepopulate form where available
  3. For the updating form, data entered into a field will replace the existing data in that record
  4. For a new record form, any form submission will create a new record (row) in that board.

Just one idea of an approach.









You might have to push back the info to google forms or MS forms and then do an automation to pull the information abck in because this is not std functionality

Absolutely a must on our side too, we regularly send forms to our influencers to update their rate, their addresses, or ask about something specific, it creates a new line item, which then get lost into the form abyss…


I agree - this feature is an absolute MUST. A form to only create new data is not very functional, but a form to modify existing data is extremely powerful.


Has anyone discovered a workaround for this? (i.e. converting to excel and then creating forms from there?)

I would disagree we use them extensively to launch workflows

It will be extremely helpful.
Sometimes there could be a lot of columns of data in a board, allowing folks to come back to edit before finalizing would make this helpful for complex data collection.

Otherwise folks filling in information on the web form would likely abandon their inputs